Just Because He Breathes – Rob & Linda Robertson

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Have you ever met someone where you can immediately see Jesus gushing out of them with their kind eyes and quick hugs and words of life-giving affirmation? That’s been my experience with Rob & Linda Robertson, creators of Just Because He Breathes.

At this years’ Gay Christian Network (GCN) conference, The Wife and I had the opportunity to meet Linda briefly in a coffee shop and literally within thirty seconds of meeting, all three of us were weeping from brokenness and from radical grace and from the power of God working to bring daughters to mothers together who aren’t related but still need each other. From that moment every time we saw Rob & Linda around the remainder of the conference, they would affirm our marriage and love, ask how we’re doing. They’re the real deal, friends, and are helping to bring healing to parents and children all over the U.S. that are struggling with reconciling faith and sexuality.

The Wife and I had the privilege of hearing them share their story at the Gay Christian Network conference in 2014 in Chicago and let me tell you guys, there was not a dry eye in the entire room as they spoke. Their story is one of painful heartbreak and of amazing grace and of unconditional love and you guys hearing them speak changed something in me. It gave me a glimpse of what my sweet Mama and Daddy have gone through since that day I came out to them. It also brought healing as Linda spoke words as a mother over me and the hundreds of other brokenhearted sons and daughters that were in that room – words of life and purpose and affirmation that each one of us precious babies are so deeply loved by God, just the way we are and just because we breathe. 

GCN just posted the video from their talk and you can view it here – and be sure you have plenty of tissues on hand.

“Just Because He Breathes” – Rob & Linda Robertson at the Gay Christian Network 2014 conference

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