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Vows. Words pledged in a sacred moment before loved ones. Confessions to have and to hold from this world into the next.

My Love and I knew that we wanted to write our own vows for our special day. And hearing her vows to me was the one thing I was most excited about – it was like Christmas morning.

We each crafted our covenant vows in secret, carefully putting the words and pieces together. And now we have these words printed and framed in our bedroom, hung to remember. To refer back to. To keep as a presence in our day to day lives.

Our vows:


My love,                  

Today marks the 4069th day of spinning our love stories together.

Sarah Bessey writes how “Love looks like spinning our own yarn” and my love, we’ve spun yarn of our own through the darkest, thinnest and happiest places I’ve ever known.

We spun yarn in secret, quiet spaces where our love was put in hiding because of fear and trembling. Yarn was spun in boldness and bravery as truth won the day almost exactly a year ago. Today’s yarn is woven with gold and sparkles as we consecrate love in a way we never dreamed possible in front of those we hold so dear.

I can’t wait to see what the futures’ yarn looks like. I pray it’s full of books littered on the floor and dirty dishes in the sink and good music playing and little Wendi’s and Crystal’s dancing around, giving delicious kisses as our eyes catch each other’s across the room. 

“Wrap me up in the ways we’ve loved each other, darling, and keep on spinning with me.”


Today is mostly an ordinary day…the sun rose, babies were born, people slept in and we are getting married. But the not-so ordinary part is how we are making promises to each other for the rest of our days, no matter how ordinary or unusual they may be. 

So I promise to you:

I promise to leave my shoes and clothes strewn throughout the house. 

I promise to change the radio station 500 times before choosing a song.

I promise to cry at every sappy commercial we see – especially if it includes a kitty.

I promise to tell you cheesy jokes and to try my best at dancing, even though I have not one ounce of rhythm.

I promise to try at least one bite of any meal you create.

I promise to still think of you every time I hear Dave Matthews’ sing, “Sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock and sweet you roll.

I vow to hold your hand whenever possible.

I vow to make your morning coffee and lie next to you while drinking it, welcoming the day together.

I vow to continually thank God for the gift of you, and to often remind Him what a great job He did.

I vow to encourage the grace, mercy and love that pours out of you.

I vow to be the best parts of me that fit perfectly with the best parts of you.

Although I will be imperfect, I pledge to be gentle and sensitive of your unique talents, abilities and quirks and to remember how unbelievably fearfully and wonderfully made you are.

I pledge to lend you strength for all of your dreams.

I pledge to be your wild and know that through our union I believe we can accomplish more than we could ever dream.

I promise today to be your navigator, best friend, and wife; to honor, love, and cherish you through all of life’s adventures.

I pledge to always and forever be your confidant, your safe place and your biggest cheerleader.

I vow to love growing old with you and to keep the wild, rascally adventure in you alive.

I take you today as my gift, the mama of my future babies and my true Love.


I remember throughout our 11 years together we have had a lot of “what ifs”. Our first was looking into each other’s eyes and we lovingly took the step towards “what if” we started dating. I really liked you. As we held hands and matured to a deeper love for each other, our days got a little harder. Through it all we just knew we loved each other. And we said “what if” love is all we need. Some of my favorite times with you is discovering this radical Jesus we now hold so tightly. The transformation of our hearts on seeing God differently got us thinking, “what if” our love is worth the risk? Coming to a place of clarification and commitment to you, our hard days turned into great days. And that brought on the big “what if” we get married. Well my love, we’re here surrounded with people that love us deeply and all those what ifs came true.

I am beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with you. To show you to the world as my wife. You are the kindest person I know. You love big and you love deep. Your smile, your compassion, your beauty, your laughter, your wisdom, your faith and your courage enrich me in every moment I spend with you. You feel like home. Your presence can change the whole dynamic of a room the second you walk in. It’s my favorite thing to watch and experience. You are humble and filled with so much grace! You’ve shown me Jesus in the way you love God and love others. I don’t know how I got you but I do know I’m extremely blessed to call you mine. I choose you. I choose you today and I will choose you tomorrow.

So here’s a few more “what ifs”  that I promise will come true! What if tomorrow you wake up and I get to make you happy again! What if I continue to be faithful to you and love you with kindness, respect, appreciation and silliness. To believe in you, encourage you, and accept every aspect of who God has made you to be. What if I strive to stand beside you at all times. To rejoice with you, grieve with you, be still with you and most importantly be light-hearted with you. What if I fight fair and often use words like, “I’m sorry,” “I validate you,” “I support you” and “I love you”. To shut my mouth at times and really just listen. What if as your wife I continue to seek God with you, bravely and constantly, holding you closer than any other human to the heart of my heart. To make sure you feel deeply loved everyday. What if in a few years I get to show our babies all the things I love about you. And finally what if in 11 more years I look at you and think you’re still so beautiful, and we get to talking about all that God has done and we laugh and we say, “Let’s write a few more what ifs.”

I love you.


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