Danny Cortez and His Truth.

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The Gay Christian Network recently announced the featured speakers for the 2015 conference in Portland, and I was excited to see Danny Cortez make the list. If you’ve been following the Christian media, you may have seen that several weeks ago, Danny made an announcement to his congregation in La Mirada, CA as a pastor that his thoughts on homosexuality had radically changed from the former conservative views.

Sparking some of that change is truth about Danny’s teenage son, Drew. Drew recently made the following video, in which he reveals his sexuality and shares his painful struggle in coming to terms with his identity. What struck me most was the raw, honestly unconditional loved he received from his father after coming out – a reaction many of us dreamed of from our parents but were given something much different. Here is Drew’s story:

I mentioned that Danny Cortez made an announcement to his church – I feel even that statement is a watered down version of what actually happened. The video below is from the service where he shared his journey with the congregation, on how his views on homosexuality and faith have changed. Upon watching this last night for the first time, I found my heart resonating so much with his words, echoing his sentiments that ravished of how Jesus may respond to this subject. And I found myself weeping along with him as he tells of the moments he discovered his son was gay, and how as a father, all he could do was love, love and love and sing sweet words over his son’s life, over his path and over his faith.

Things are changing my friends. There’s a fresh wind blowing, where the ostracized and marginalized people of God are finding spaces created for them to shine in the truth and light and love of who God made them to be.

I am so excited for this movement, to participate in how God is moving, and to step in stride with other like-minded people.

For more information on Danny Cortez and the GCN annual conference, click here.


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