“If I were Rob Bell…”

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So there’s this recent video in which Rob Bell is interviewed by British theologian, Andrew Wilson concerning his views on homosexuality. Knowing what Bell’s stance on Christian homosexuals is, this video is a bit irking to watch as he’s not as eloquent as some may have wanted, including myself. For those of us in this battle, always seeming to be on the defense, we crave for the prominent leaders who are on our side of the ring to clearly and profoundly advocate on our behalf with their platform – yet I understand we’re all human and that this expectation is unfair. Nonetheless, Bell fumbled a bit over his words and there was more grey area that I’d like, leaving room for further speculation and critics to tear his ideals apart.

Wendy, over at Bridging the Gap gave her response to the video below and I’ve found it so helpful when attempting to mirror my love for Jane with my love for the Church and where Jesus is in all that. It also gives affirmation to current conversations I’m in with loved ones who have made some of the same statements that Williams does in the clip above. Here is an excerpt from Wendy’s response:
“If I’d been in Rob Bell’s place, I would have talked about my conviction that we are called to worship and serve Jesus as Lord – not the Bible.  Don’t misunderstand me, I am deeply grateful for the gift of the Scriptures because they are God’s special revelation of himself to us.  But I encounter so many Christians who seem to make the Bible its own idol.  They seem to worship the Bible more than Jesus.  When I read the Scriptures, Jesus makes clear that the Holy Spirit is going to keep on revealing Jesus to us.  When I read the Scriptures, I’m called to put my hope in the Living Word – Jesus.  That means that I can recognize that my interpretation – and everyone else’s for that matter – will always be incomplete, imperfect.  I will never know with 100% certainty how to interpret the Bible.  What I can know with 100% certainty is that God created the world, loves the world, and will reconcile and restore the world – and that I can participate in this reconciliation.  So, when I look at texts of Scripture, it is completely appropriate to ask if my interpretation is Christ-like.  Is my interpretation consistent with what I see in the Scriptures of what Jesus did and taught.”
You can read the post whole post here.

All in all I realized that we’re slowly getting there and am so thankful for how much progression and movement this topic has already gotten so far. What a time to be an active partaker in the ways God is moving in and through His people to break down these types of barriers that prevent His love from overtaking the world.



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