Keep Your Head Up…

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Love the song, Stubborn Love by The Lumineers and always think of My Love and I when I hear it.Dreaming of the future at our wedding, My Love and I clasped tight on the dance floor with big smiles as our loved ones twirl around us with twinkle lights overhead – all to this song. My favorite lyrics declare,

I can’t be told, it can’t be done.
It’s better to feel pain then nothing at all,
the opposite of love is indifference.
So keep your head up, my love.”

Things are messy.
We don’t have all the answers.

But I’m content with the one who holds my hand at night. The one who I get to wake up every morning. The one whose eyes draw me in with her diamond-esque sparkle. And the One who makes this heart of mine content with His leading and guiding and who gives me perfect peace. And who makes me lie beside the still waters.

I know Who goes before me, I know Who stands behind…

With that, My Love-baby, let’s just keep our heads up.


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