God always seems to operate in themes. I read a verse and then they mention it in Church that weekend and the next day a blogger I admire discusses it at length and then a friend tells me they’ve been meditating on it lately.

It seems like when He wants to get my attention, He, the Great Orchestrator maneuvers and aligns similar things in such complexity that it can be seen as only a sign from Him.

More conversations.

My Love and I have been talking in depth and at greater length on coming out soon and our frustrations with the Church and loved ones recently. Pivotal conversations/arguments we’ve had with loved ones in the last few days that somehow always gear back to God vs. homosexuality and how our opinions and beliefs differ. Something is brewing.

We may be revealing our secret sooner than I thought which is an absolutely terrifying thought but the words are right there on the tip of my tongue, screaming to be released. Almost when you’ve got news – big news – and you are bursting at the seams and you can barely hold it in. We’ve been living in that place for over ten years. I cannot begin to tell you how freeing and different and liberating and comforting it will feel as those words leave my lips.

So, so ready.

Much more to say. Still milling it over in my mind, however.

Soon enough.


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