Sexual Orientation: It’s Not a Sin – Red Letter Christians
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Found this article from Red Letter Christians entitled, Sexual Orientation: It’s Not a Sin. The author, Kathy Vestal goes through a helpfully extensive history of homosexuality and the Church, as well as what scripture actually does say concerning the issue. The extensive issues covered and content shares provides so much insight but within the Church and the gay community and has become my go-to when debating this issue.

One of my favorite quotes is:

Scripture alone will not lead the Church to a full understanding on this issue. If we are looking for a verse that says literally, “homosexuality is not a sin,” we will not find it. On the contrary we will find the handful of verses that seem to say otherwise, at least on the surface. Nor would Scripture alone, let’s note, ever have led to the concept of monogamy or to the abolition of slavery. Slavery was an unquestioned part of the first century culture, as polygamy was in the Old Testament, and both would be much easier to justify through Scripture than to rebuke. A heart understanding, however, of Jesus’ life and teachings, shows us the sin of oppression, the hurting people who have been personally wounded and oppressed. As true “Christians,” we look into the eyes, we hear the voices, we feel the pain, we understand the heart cries of the wounded families and the isolated individuals, and we know in the depths of the soul that quoting Scripture is not enough. Nor was it for Jesus.  -Kathy Vestal



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